Make a Bucket List and Challenge Yourself

The original idea behind making a bucket list was to record all the things you wanted to achieve before you died. (The slang term for death is “to kick the bucket”.) However, people are now living longer and healthier lives and the prospect of opening “death’s door” is a distant one for most of us. So a bucket list can now be made around any future life event or significant birthday milestone.

For example, you might make a list of things you want to achieve before your 50th birthday. Or you could catalog places you intend to visit before you have your first baby. The choice of milestone and contents of your bucket list are unique to you. A bucket list challenge is for your own satisfaction. You are not in competition with friends and family, although you may share some of your new experiences with them along the way.

This article aims to get you thinking about and planning some of the things you want to include in your life. Here are 50 ideas to kick-start you into visiting new places, taking up a new hobby or refreshing an ailing friendship.

1. Take a balloon ride.

2. Learn to fly a glider.

3. Do a parachute jump and raise money for a good cause.

4. Go fly a kite on the beach with some kids.

5. Read “The Cloud-spotter’s Guide: The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds”.

6. See giraffes in the wild (with their heads in the clouds).

7. Spend an evening stargazing.

8. Visit a planetarium.

9. Go on a “bat walk” and listen to their calls (with a bat detector).

10. Climb to the top of a mountain.

The video below was produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and shows clips of nature in action from all around the world. It’s well worth watching to get some ideas for your bucket list. The hit “Both Sides Now” (1967) was written by Joni Mitchell and in this version is sung by Judy Collins.

You may want to include things on your register that will improve your life. You’re a long time dead so make the most of the short time you have on this earth! If you keep in good health you are more likely to be happy and be able to complete the items on your bucket wish-list.

11. Learn to drive.

12. Quit smoking.

13. Get to know your neighbors.

14. Pay someone a compliment.

15. Try a different hair style.

Think large when you commit your list to paper. Check out “The Little Book of Thinking Big” for help. According to the book’s author, Richard Newton, the book will encourage you to aim higher and go further than you thought possible. It’s certainly true that a varied and exciting bucket list can motivate and inspire you for years to come. So it’s worth putting time and effort into creating a good one.

16. Take up a new hobby.

17. Join a gym.

18. Use all your cell phone apps.

19. Learn basic first aid.

20. Contact a friend you haven’t seen for years.

There are thousands of wonderful places to visit. Most of us have a limited amount of time and money to spend on sightseeing. So your bucket list is the perfect place to start planning how to visit the best ones. Name specific sights and sites that you would like to experience if you had the chance. Then start saving to make at least a few of those dreams come true. If you plan ahead and make use of bartering and volunteering opportunities, travel doesn’t have to be expensive as the video below shows.

21. Do a house swap overseas.

22. Become a house-sitter while owners are abroad.

23. Volunteer or barter your skills for board and bed.

24. Hitchhike to travel cheaply.

25. Crew a yacht.

26. Work on a cruise ship.

27. Help on an organic farm through WWOOF

28. Apply for a travel scholarship.

29. Become a TV quiz contestant.

30. Go outdoors camping or backpacking.

Imagine you are marooned on a dessert island and have unlimited time to catch up on all the books you meant to read. Which ones will you choose? Will they be popular fiction; chick lit or detective novels? Or will you go for non-fiction classics, like biographies or true adventure tales?

There are millions of books published each year so it’s a difficult call to make. If you’re not sure where to begin you could ask friends and family for their recommendations. Or you could read the top best-selling books of recent years. Here are a few I think are worthy of a place on your bucket list.

31. Travel with “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

32. Read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain.

33. Experience the magic of “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norman Juster.

34. Find out “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

35. Browse ”Life: A User’s Manual” by Georges Perec.

36. Have a picnic in the park

37. Blow soap bubbles.

38. Tie-die a shirt.

39. Go to a drive-in movie.

40. Make a time capsule for your grandkids.

Here are 10 things that vlogger Siena Mirabella has on her bucket list.

41. Participate in a triathlon.

32. Learn to speak a foreign language.

43. Volunteer with animals on a conservation project.

44. Write and publish a book.

45. Direct a horror movie.

46. Explore the Galapagos Islands.

47. Go on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

48. Host a salon party.

49. Attend New York Fashion Week.

50. Live in Paris for two months.

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Blackbird Has Spoken: Part 11

Ivy sat in her chair in between activities that afternoon reading the Bible and trying hard to connect with God. She remembered once Nana telling her that God desires, honors and respects honesty with Him.

“God, I know I treated you very badly last night. Surely You understand how shattered I’ve felt, and because I don’t understand what You are doing and allowing, I couldn’t hold back. I’m still fragile little Ivy. I’m trying to relearn to trust You again. My mind knows You are trustworthy, but my broken heart is still struggling. Help my unbelief.”

She felt His acceptance. She sensed He would be patient with her. She must never stop seeking Him or she would end up bitter, alone, and tormented. Clara walked into the room.

“Hi Ivy. I thought I’d check in with you while it’s quiet. Want to chat?”

Ivy laid her Bible down on the table. “Of course. You probably heard about my meltdown last night?”

“Yes. Do you want to talk about it? Nothing wrong with keeping it private but if you want to talk, that’s why I’m here.”

“Well I was in the middle of my nightly tornado. Racing dark thoughts about Cloe and all the pain we’ve been through in our lives, and I couldn’t shut off images of her being hit by the car.” Ivy missed a breath. “You know, I think if I hadn’t been here I might have tried to make another attempt.”

“Well then, I’m glad you’re here.”

“But then something just snapped. I found myself in this rage.”

“Rage can be a good thing. It’s one of the many cycles of grief, which you’ve probably learned in the grief and loss group.”

“Yes, I’ve resisted speaking in that group. Anyway, I got angry at God. Clara, I had the gall to shake my fist at Him and say some pretty bad things and then I couldn’t stop sobbing.”

“Ivy you needed to yell and you needed to cry. Helen tells me you slept well, though.”

“Yeah, go figure. Do you believe in God, Clara?”

“Yes. We had to go to church while I was growing up.”

“Did you ever trust Him, know Him, or talk to Him?”

“I suppose I’ve talked to Him, but I guess if I’m truthful I can’t really say I know Him, or that my trust is one way or another. I guess He’s not much on my radar accept when trials come. Gosh, it feels yucky saying that out loud. I guess I need to re-evaluate my spirituality, or lack thereof.”

“I think that is pretty common with people. My Nana was a devout Christian. She took me to church, Sunday school, vacation Bible school, read me the Bible, had me memorize verses, and we sang hymns together.”

“Like that beautiful song by Cat Stevens? Morning Has Broken, right?”

“Yes, that’s the one that brought Cloe and I…” Ivy choked and tears spilled but she gained her composure. “You know, Cloe’s Grammy and my Nana both sang that song to us growing up.” She choked up again.

“I think that is so beautiful. You know that first morning you were here and I walked in here and heard you sing that I got goose bumps. It’s such a joyous and hope filled song.”

“It is. But I lost the joy and hope. I’ve been feeling like God sucker-punched me, and last night I let Him have it.”

“And how do you feel now?”

“Different. It’s hard to describe. I feel like little Ivy, fragile, scared, but wanting to trust Him. I was just sitting here praying when you came in. I was telling Him I want to trust Him, and I will seek to trust Him, but I’m broken a bit and need His help.”

“I remember once in Sunday School reading that Jesus told His disciples to come to Him as a little child. I think that’s what you’re doing, Ivy. And from what I heard in church as a kid, God is supposed to be forgiving, so I’m sure He forgives you.” She grew quiet.

“I can see your wheels turning, Clara. Care to share?”

“Oh, role reversal here,” she chuckled. “I guess this conversation has got me thinking about my lack of connection to God. In her last days here, I saw that joy, love and trust for God in both you and Cloe, how it connected you two together and empowered your willingness to get well. I even had one moment of…I don’t know, envy is not quite the word, but something close. Then things happened and I forgot all about it. You just reminded me again. Ivy, you are so special.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you are real, and in your hard struggles, you still manage to impact others with your honesty. Certainly for me. I feel privileged to know you Ivy.”

“Well ditto Clara. You’ve been a steady trustworthy confidant. You are so understanding, real and honest yourself. Thank you so much for being my nurse, friend and advocate.”

“You are welcome. Let’s celebrate with some chocolate.” Clara whipped out a Cadbury bar. “A patient family member works for Cadbury and brought us a stash to say thank you.”

Ivy’s eyes grew wide. “Cool, fruit and nut, my fav.” She broke off a piece and put it in her mouth. “Clara, the Lord has come! Thank you Jesus.”

“Amen Sister!”

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Life Lessons from Finding Dory

The last step in our lessons from Dory would be to believe in yourself even when nobody else does! Perhaps, even when you yourself are doubtful.

Several times in the start of the movie Dory would repeat that she had “short term memory loss” to explain her problems. She had very little faith in herself because she was so fixated on her failing as to memory.

But, over time she found that she was able to do things that she had previously believed to be impossible! Once she stopped thinking only about her memory problems, she actually started to develop some memory skills! She had become so focused on her lack of ability that she didn’t allow herself room to see how very much ability she actually had.

We can get in this trap, much like Dory. We all have an “Achille’s Heel” about some weakness either real or perceived. Maybe you have problems remembering people’s names, or you have some degree of social anxiety. These problems could cause you to believe that you are your problems and thus you can’t change them. But, remember; you may suffer anxiety or not have the sharpest memory but these are attributes of you, not the essence of your being!

We all possess a great capacity for change, especially when we are personally motivated to change. Dory was so caught up in finding her parents that she forgot to remember that she had no memory! In forgetting her problem, she almost overcame the problem altogether!

What we focus on with intent is what we manifest! If one is afraid of being alone, and they think all the time about the fear, the fear is what they will feel! If instead, one recognizes their fear but puts their focus on the positive aspect of being alone, perhaps the fear will abate and the experience of being alone will feel less upsetting.

There is a duality to everything. We can choose to focus on the negative aspect, or on the positive aspect and the results will be dramatically different. Had Dory continued on believing that she could not do anything she wished to do because of her memory problem she would not have set out looking for her parents, and certainly would not have found them!

But she took a small leap of faith and decided that to find her parents was far more important than to stay stuck in the belief that she would never be successful in finding them.

Are there situations in your own life that you could perhaps take a small step forward, and leave behind the fear? Perhaps a baby step or two could lead you to be capable of achieving something that you had previously believed was impossible?!

Don’t let anyone else tell you that you “can’t” do something! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and become a believer yourself! You can do mirror work and look into the mirror and repeat positive affirmations. You can be like Dory and sing to yourself “Just Keep Swimming”. But, you must let go of the belief that you can’t do something if it’s something that you want to do.

You may never be able to paint an award winning painting, or compete in the Olympics, but if you want to paint, you just go out and paint! If you love sports, go and be the best YOU in the sport of your choice. The point is to let go of self limiting belief’s and do the things you really want to do.

So, Just keep swimming and believe in yourself! You got this!

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Eco-Sculptures: Animals Created From Metal and Living Plants

What is an Eco-Sculpture?

One of the summer traditions in the city of Burnaby is the appearance of the eco-sculptures. The sculptures depict wildlife found in the province of British Columbia as well as animals from other parts of the world. They are made from metal and covered by living plants that represent fur, feathers or scales. The animals are placed in public areas such as parks, where they are admired by both the community and by visitors. I always feel a little sad when they are removed in September or October.

Although in Burnaby the term “eco-sculpture” has a specific meaning, elsewhere there seems to be no set definition for the term. Eco-sculptures or eco-friendly sculptures have some connection to protecting the environment. They are often made from natural, recycled or found materials. The Burnaby sculptures may not be completely “eco” in their composition. They probably stimulate at least some people to think about the animals that share the world with us, however.

Composition of the Sculptures

The first eco-sculptures in Burnaby appeared in 2005. Their population is growing in both number and popularity. The basic building blocks of a sculpture are a mesh-like metal frame that holds compacted soil, landscape fabric on top of the frame and living plants pushed through the fabric into the soil. Continuous metal is used for parts such as bird beaks and animal feet. The components of a sculpture are shown in the video below.

Creating the Sculptures

The first step in the creation of an eco-sculpture is a drawing by the sculptor. The next stage is the creation of a small model of the sculpture, or a maquette. More than one maquette may be needed. The sculptor needs to plan not only the appearance of the animal but also its strength, stability and durability. The final construction needs to handle the often wet and heavy soil inside it.

Once the full-size animal is created, it’s covered with a landscape fabric. Soil is then packed into the sculpture. The positions for the plants are marked on the fabric after the animal is stuffed with soil. The final step is to make holes in the fabric with a dibble and a mallet and to place plant plugs in the holes. The plants are given time to grow before the sculpture goes on display.

The Role of the Horticulturist

A horticulturist is involved in the last stages of making a sculpture. The final appearance of an animal depends on a number of factors, including plant type, health and vigour, the distance between the plants and their arrangement on the animal’s surface. The plants that are used are generally annuals. A variety of Alternanthera is a popular choice.

The public plays a role in the final stage of making some of the eco-sculptures. Inserting the numerous plant plugs into the soil is time consuming, especially for the larger animals. Every year, the public is invited to help. There always seems to be a good response to the invitation.

Plant Care

Since the surface of an eco-sculpture is living, it needs to be inspected and maintained, like a garden. The crane sculptures at Burnaby Mountain Park (a highly photographed area), the horses on the Deer Lake complex and the owls near City Hall are very visible to the public and are well maintained. When I took their photos in the second half of August, their plant coats were luxuriant. The landscaping fabric could only be seen at the seams or in places where it was deliberately exposed as part of the design. Some of the other sculptures weren’t doing as well, however. Some had visible holes in the fabric where plants were dying or had died.

Cranes and Kamui Mintara in Burnaby Mountain Park

Burnaby Mountain Park is an attractive area which offers a beautiful view of Burrard Inlet. My favourite eco-sculptures out of all the ones that I’ve seen so far have been the cranes in the park. For many years, two tall tancho cranes held the place of honour on the mountain. They were created to celebrate Japan’s efforts to save the bird from extinction. (The tancho crane sculpture is shown in each of the videos above.) This year, however, a different pair of cranes occupies Burnaby Mountain. These birds represent the sandhill cranes that can be seen in British Columbia.

The park contains a second sculpture. This could also be classified as an eco-sculpture according to one definition of the term because it’s made of a natural material. The sculpture is known as Playground of the Gods, or Kamui Mintara. It consists of a series of wooden totem poles that tell the story of how the gods descended to Earth to create the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan. The bear, the owl and the orca are involved in the story and are shown in the sculpture. The poles were carved by sculptors from Kushiro, Burnaby’s sister city.

Bears and Salmon

The three bear sculptures are located in the golf course near the base of Burnaby Mountain. The sculptures are appropriate because black bears have been seen on Burnaby Mountain. The public has access to the golf course, although people are only allowed on the grass if they are playing golf. The grounds have some lovely floral displays as well as a small lake that birds visit. The lake is known as Squint Lake. In the early 1900s before the golf course existed, the local residents joked that the lake was so small that people had to squint to see it. This gave the lake its name.

The salmon sculpture is located at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. This area is a collection of facilities aimed at amateur sports groups and the general public. The sports complex is located next to Burnaby Lake Regional Park, a wonderful place for nature lovers.

Horse Sculptures and a Carousel

Sage and Parsley are sculptures that mimic horses on the carousel at the Burnaby Village Museum. The horses are located in Deer Lake Park by the highway. The park contains nature trails and quiet, uninhabited areas. In one section there are buildings, however. These buildings include heritage homes, some of which are used for different purposes than their original one, as well as the museum. Burnaby City Hall is located next to this section of the park.

The carousel was built in 1912 by the C.W. Parker company. By 1989, it had travelled from place to place in North America and had become dilapidated. The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition), a Vancouver organization, announced that they were going to auction off the horses one by one. This was very upsetting for some carousel fans. A group of people banded together to raise money for the purchase of the carousel. The Burnaby Village Museum agreed to build a building to protect it. After many hours of painstaking restoration done by some very dedicated volunteers, the carousel was ready to use.

Cows at Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum is a re-creation of a typical small town or village that existed in the area in the 1920s. The buildings are open to the public and are interesting to explore. Some equipment in the buildings is in working order. The printing press functions and is run by volunteers, for example. The same is true for the blacksmith’s equipment.

A cultivated meadow is located next to the carousel building. It’s a nice place for children to run. It’s also the current home of the cow and calf eco-sculptures. The cow is ready for milking and the calf is lying on the grass near her. Both have seen better days with respect to their plant covering, but they are still attractive. I lIke their yellow and green coloration and the spots on the calf.

A Growing and Changing Collection

Although I’ve heard of eco-sculptures located in other places in British Columbia, by far the greatest concentration is in Burnaby. The city seems to have been the pioneer for eco-sculptures (according to its definition of the term), at least in this part of the world. There are many other animals in Burnaby’s collection in addition to the ones that I’ve described. New animals sometimes appear, such as the owls in 2016.

It will be interesting to see what sculptures are on display next year. It will also be interesting to discover how the appearances of the present animals change. The different colours and types of plants that the horticulturists use and the different designs that they create with the plants remind me of an artist at work. A sculpture from this year will have the same shape next year, but it won’t look the same if its plant covering has changed. Eco-sculpture in Burnaby is an interesting combination of art forms.

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The Meaning of Trump: Spotlight on the Grand Old Party 1854-2016: (Part M)

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Best Gluten Free Brownies

Chewy, Fudgy Brownies from Scratch

We just love brownies! When I developed a gluten sensitivity, I had to find a way to make gluten-free brownies. I was happy to find that brownies are the easiest baked goods to adapt to gluten-free baking. And these are so much more delicious than brownies made from box mix.

Don´t waste my time with dry or cakey brownies. These thick brownies don´t fail to please with their fudgy, chewy texture and rich flavor. The kids won´t even know they´re gluten-free! You just need a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand. You won´t be confused by a long list of complicated mixing and baking instructions, either.

The only ingredient you may have to go out and buy is garbanzo flour. Just keep a bagful in your pantry for any time you´re craving a rich, chocolatey treat. You can substitute a gluten-free flour blend for the garbanzo flour, but please read the capsule below, “The Xanthan Gum Controversy”, before making that decision.

Two important things to keep in mind: buy good quality cocoa powder such as Ghirardelli or Pernigotti (It’s pricey but worth it.) and be sure not to overbake brownies so they´ll stay moist and chewy. That´s all! Now are you ready to get baking?

The Xanthan Gum Controversy

Xanthan gum is a common additive in gluten-free flour mixes. Although there is no evidence that xanthan gum can cause harm to healthy adults, the question remains whether or not it is safe for those with severe wheat, dairy, corn or soy allergies and those with digestive issues.

Xanthan gum is produced by fermenting wheat, corn or soy. It has a slight laxative effect on adults, but can be life-threatening to infants under 12 months of age. The New York Times published an article about the tragic death of infants who had developed necrotizing enterocolitis after drinking baby formula thickened with xanthan gum.

So xanthan gum should never be given to infants under 12 months of age. It should be avoided by those with digestive problems or severe allergies to soy, wheat, dairy or corn. Garbanzo flour is a safe alternative to gluten-free flour mixes that contain xanthan gum.

Garbanzo Flour Benefits

Garbanzo or chickpea flour is often used in Indian cuisine and can be found in ethnic markets. One cup of garbanzo flour contains 365 calories, 21 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat and 53 total grabs of carbs. It has fewer calories and carbohydrates than whole wheat or white flour and is much higher in protein. Naturally a source of folate and B-6, garbanzo flour is naturally gluten free.

How to Make Gluten-Free Brownies Photo Tutorial

Adapted from King Arthur Flour

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The Great Ancient Deception of the Trinity Doctrine

Ancient Trinities

The “Saviour” that most believe in today is blasphemy against Yahweh, our Father in heaven, the one and only God.

The Babylonian pagan church system is alive and well established today. The idolatry of Semiramis, “The Queen of Heaven,” Nimrod, “Ba’al,” “the Sun God” and “Tammuz,” God the Son incarnated as Nimrod’s deity in the flesh is being practiced in the church system today. The historical blasphemous names against Yahweh have been changed to the many popular antichrist images today, such as Virgin Mary, “the Queen of Heaven” and baby Jesus, “the Sun God,” or “God the Son.” The Catholic image Mary and baby Jesus are other names for Semiramis, “the Queen of Heaven” and her son, “Nimrod/Tammuz.”

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Lucha Tributes: Promo Azteca

And he’s back again folks! What can I say; I couldn’t stay away, especially after you all just spent the last six hours wanting to eat your brain from out of your skull. Luckily I have the remedy for those who seek it. Once again I’m breaking out the lucha tribute today, but where the last one was on the greatest recluse that ever lived this one is on a promotion. It’s a promotion you’ve never heard of, but hot damn you’re going to wish you had by the end of it regardless of how well I knock this bad boy out of the park. You all know about the existence of such lucha libre powers like CMLL and AAA and how the war between them led to the huge lucha boom of the 90s. What you don’t know is that there was another promotion caught in the midst of this war that ended up revolutionizing lucha libre with a fearless owner, an outside the box mindset and a talent roster so amazing the cast of Warren Beatty’s new movie said hot damn. Ladies, gentlemen, extraterrestrials looking to get into wrestling; this is the story of the lucha libre’s ECW and the original Lucha Underground, Konnan’s Promo Azteca.

What You Already Know

This section is going to be shorter than Dude, Where’s My Car?. You may have heard the name Promo Azteca used for a smaller indie promotion out in California called Promo Lucha Azteca (not the same thing). If you’re an old school WCW fan you may recall hearing the Promo Azteca name brought up during matches involving Konnan and some of the other luchadors. Scratch those two things and outside of being the most diehard of lucha diehards you’ve never heard of Promo Azteca. It’s a myth, like the island of Atlantis, Ryan Lochte’s robbery or a good Paulie Shore film. Trust me on that last one folks.

What You Didn’t Know

Where to begin?! Let’s start with the origins I suppose, which begins with Promo Azteca not being Promo Azteca. Indeed the promotion launched in 1995 under the name PROMELL (Promotora Mexicana de Lucha Libre) and was run by the famous luchador Fuerza Guerrera (Blue Panther’s Wikipedia article lists him as being PROMELL as well, but since there’s no other mention of that we’ll just note that here and otherwise ignore it!). Guerrera (who yes is Juventud’s father for all of you wondering) promoted shows with AAA for that first year but by 1996 had decided to sell the promotion off. Who bought it? None other than Konnan, fresh off a falling out with AAA and a new contract with WCW. Assisted by Jorge Rojas and the Mexican network TV Azteca, Konnan’s quickly renamed PROMELL Promo Azteca and set out to turn the upstart promotion from an indie into a national powerhouse. And unlike most upstarts Promo Azteca immediately got off to a great start.

Why is that you may ask? Well thanks to his reputation in Mexico, Konnan had been able to serve as a sort of recruiter for WCW in bringing in lucha libre talent; it’s the reason why many of the luchadors wrestling fans fondly remember today got their start in the US. After bringing them to the states Konnan was able to then convince most of the luchadors (many of whom were his good friends) to abandon AAA and come join Promo Azteca due to a) AAA’s money woes that cooled their relationships with their top stars and b) many luchador’s desires to keep working in Mexico on their off days. All that was needed was WCW’s permission and before long Promo Azteca had what might be the greatest lucha libre roster in wrestling history. We’re talking stars from AAA and CMLL here. Konnan, Rey Mysterio, Psicosis, both Guerrera’s, La Parka, Atlantis, El Hijo del Santo, Negro Casas, Black Magic, Val Venis (as Steele), Abismo Negro, Súper Crazy; that’s just the guys I can remember off the top of my head. Hell even Vampiro, who wasn’t close to being Konnan’s best friend at the time, was a mainstay for Promo Azteca during 1997/1998. If nothing else you can’t say Konnan wasn’t a master recruiter. Even Nick Saban doesn’t get that many top prospects in a single year!

But it wasn’t just the talent that made Promo Azteca great. Ever the sharp mind for the business, Konnan set out to create a true alternative to the lucha product AAA and CMLL were producing at the time. Whereas the two lucha powerhouses continued to go by the old school two out of three falls formula for matches, Promo Azteca adapted the American style of one fall matches. Konnan also drew heavily from his old promotion ECW, being the first lucha promoter to combine lucha libre with hardcore wrestling. Those two aspects meshed with the ultra talented roster Konnan assembled quickly made Promo Azteca just as hot, if not hotter, than AAA and CMLL combined. That’s not hyperbole; it was legit doing great business and looked as though it could be a serious challenger to both AAA and CMLL as the top promotion in Mexico.

Which then leads us to the ultimate question; what the blazes happened? As everything else that ruins the great things in life, politics happened. As Promo Azteca was starting to gain speed in Mexico WCW was looking to branch out and steal more talent from Mexico. Already having the bulk of the Promo Azteca roster and with WWE reaching a working agreement with AAA they went right to CMLL. In theory it wasn’t a bad idea, until you consider that Konnan and CMLL owner Paco Alonso had been on bad terms since Konnan bolted CMLL in 1992 to help Antonio Pena form AAA. Furthermore it appears that not only did WCW want to work with CMLL for their talent but also wanted to quell the growing influence of Konnan. What that influence was beats the hell out of me considering Konnan was not much more than a fifth string nWo member at the time but that’s something you’d have to ask Eric Bischoff I guess. An attempted truce between Konnan and Alonso ended up falling through and shortly after that the wheels came right off, Ben-Hur chariot race style.

All of sudden WCW became cautious over their performers appearing on Azteca shows, not wanting them to suffer injuries and then be unavailable. Again, why they suddenly became concerned about Promo Azteca’s hardcore style after having no issue for the first two years is a damn mystery, but I digress. WCW would ultimately forbid any WCW contracted talent from appearing on Promo Azteca and the luchadors, probably wanting to keep the big checks they were getting from WCW, complied. That, along with the promotion losing their TV deal (TV Azteca bumped the show for the Olympics and then never aired it again) and Konnan’s attention being diverted due to his push as an nWo Wolfpac member led to Promo Azteca closing its doors for good on November 19th, 1998. The final main event of the show, for those wondering, featured the legendary Mil Mascaras, Lizmark and an ultra young Mr. Niebla defeating Scorpio Jr., El Texano and Bestia Salvaje in trios action. I’d say that’s going quietly, but you can never apply the term quiet when Mil Mascaras is involved.

Best Moment

There’s unfortunately not that many matches from Promo Azteca available on YouTube and the few that are (such as a Súper Crazy vs. Venom Black match) are in very poor quality. Never the less even the best matches can’t make up for the three clips I’m going to show you. First there’s a compilation of dives (in great quality) all from Promo Azteca that the great Rob Viper assembled some time ago. It gives you a taste of just how much high flying awesomeness the promotion contained and how much more extreme it was even compared to what luchadors were doing in WCW, AAA and CMLL at the same time. I’m not joking; there’s some legitimate Lucha Underground style tope’s in these clips, which is pretty amazing when you consider that Lucha Underground was a decade away from existing at the time and wasn’t even a twinkle in DeJoseph’s eye. Or maybe it was how should I know?

Aside from those great dives, the best thing I’ve seen from Promo Azteca is, wait for it…A REY MYSTERIO JR. RUDO TURN! Do you spit and double takes now friends because you read that correctly. Mysterio, who has wrestled as a technico his whole career minus a few months as a New Blood member during WCW 2000, actually turned rudo during in Promo Azteca back on October 29th, 1997. That night Lizmark Jr. defeated Psicosis to claim the El David 97 trophy, followed by Mysterio and El Hijo del Santo coming down to ringside to celebrate. Psicosis would insight a brawl where in the cross fire Santo and Rey, both wanting to tear down Psicosis, would actually come to blows. Before you know it things have escalated quickly and Mysterio is attacking Santo, and you just don’t attack Santo and get cheered afterwards. The beat down eventually saw Konnan and Rey Mysterio Sr. get involved and by the time it was over the heat the three generated was so over the top that a near riot was incited. I’m not even kidding; it was a similar scene to the time ECW fans threw chairs in the ring at Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. A crazy moment and one of the few times you can enjoy Rey Mysterio reveling in his darker side.


For most American fans Wrestling Society X (somewhere Kevin Kleinrock just fist pumped) and ECW have long been considered the inspirations for Lucha Underground. While you can certainly see the influences in both (more so the former than the latter), I think the biggest influence came from Promo Azteca, at least from an in ring style. To put it in simple terms Promo Azteca was far, FAR ahead of its time and perhaps was even more revolutionary to lucha libre than AAA was. It abandoned the old school two out of three falls format in favor of fast paced one fall bouts. It introduced hardcore into lucha libre in a way that hadn’t been seen before. Best of all is that it featured what might be the greatest roster ever assembled, a squad of some of the best luchadors ever to bring Mexico a mix of the best high flying, brawling and mat based lucha libre possible. You could argue that some of those things it introduced have become a burden to lucha libre (look no further than AAA, who was heavily influenced by Promo Azteca and now uses the ideas introduced and a much higher rate than they should) but you can’t argue with that roster and with its innovative ideas. It’s frankly a damn shame that WCW dismantled it the same way it dismantled itself; there’s a universe out there right now where WCW is the king of North American wrestling while Konnan is in charge of Mexico with Azteca. As such Promo Azteca’s legacy is that of a promotion gone too soon and a glimpse of what lucha libre can be like when it’s at it’s out of control best.

That’s the show folks. Like I said earlier, expect some CMLL talk tomorrow. Till then, the weirdest picture that ever lived.

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How to Buy Your First Suit

Whether off the rack or made to measure, you need a suit that is well-fitting, enhances your appearance, and is appropriate to the occasion. All you need to know before going out to buy your first suit.

If you plan to purchase an off the rack suit at a high street chain store where sales assistants may be less than knowledgeable, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible beforehand. After all, a suit is never inexpensive and you no doubt need it for an important event, like a job interview, wedding or first date.

But even if you’re planning on a made to measure suit, whereby you’ll receive expert advice from an experienced tailor, it’s a good idea to explore all options in advance to be sure you’re investing in a suit that fulfills your requirements exactly. Not only is it important that a suit fits you and the occasion perfectly, it should also conform to your personal preferences and taste.

Patterns and Fashion Details

The first thing to consider before going out to buy a new suit is your body type; patterns and certain fashion details can optically affect proportion either positively or negatively.

Vertically inclined patterns like herringbone and pinstripes have a slimming effect and add to both torso and leg length. This is ideal if you’re heavy-set or somewhat on the short side, but not if you’re tall and lean. The same is true of double-breasted jackets (two rows of buttons at the front), which make the torso appear narrower.

Checkers are not a good idea for stocky, overweight and portly men.

If it’s going to be your first and only suit, it’s best to avoid bold patterns. Very subtle designs and solid, neutral colors are more versatile—they are easily accessorized and can be worn for almost any occasion.

The “Break”

The ‘break” refers to the bend or kink at the bottom of the trouser crease resulting from the hem resting on the shoe. The degree of the “break” determines how proportionate your legs will appear.

There are three choices of “break”; the “half-break”, the “full-break” and no “break”.

  • In classic suit design, the “half-break” is customary (see photo above). It’s ideal for men of average build and short men.
  • The “full-break”—which requires a longer trouser length—is recommended for very tall men. However, if you’re planning on cuffed trousers, choose a “half-break” instead.
  • No “break” is when the hem hardly touches the shoe. This should be worn only by men of average build or shorter, and only when in fashion.

Cuffs, by the way, optically reduce leg length and should be avoided by short men.

Choose Charcoal Gray if it’s Your Only Suit

If it’s going to be your only suit, charcoal gray is a wise choice. It’s suitable for practically all occasions and works as a versatile base color when adding accessories etc.

Create Three Outfits from Two Suits

If you’re just starting out in a job where you have to wear a suit daily, purchase two suits; one in solid mid-gray and one in black. You can then create three outfits by wearing the black jacket as you would a blazer with the gray trousers.

Before combining suits in this way, make sure the black jacket can pass as a blazer; it should be plain and relatively lightweight.

Choose Dark Blue to Create a Good Impression

Because it matches fewer colors, dark blue is not as versatile as black and gray when accessorizing, but it works well for job interviews. Navy in particular is known to convey an impression of authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, commitment and professionalism, which could enhance your chances of success.

Depending on cut and fabric, navy may be less fitting for social events, whether formal or casual, but you can always wear glamorous midnight blue as an alternative to black for evening wear.

Pure Wool

Pure wool is a good choice if you have to wear a suit daily. It’s more durable than other fabrics, meaning the suit won’t need to go to the cleaners quite as frequently for “sizing”; suits generally need cleaning not because they’re soiled but because the fabric becomes limp—sizing, which is part of the dry cleaning process, restores body. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t send a suit to the cleaners more than absolutely necessary, since cleaning chemicals weaken the fabric.

Wool comes in various weights. Choose one that is suitable for all seasons if it’s your only suit. For a northwestern European climate, for example, you might consider a weight of 10 or 12 oz.

Wool fineness determines price and texture. This is indicated by a so-called “s” number, which ranges from 80 to 250; the higher the number the finer the yarn.

Wool Silk Mix

A wool silk mix or similar with only a slight sheen is suitable for most occasions, and accentuates style if you favor the sleek tailoring of Italian design. A very silky fabric, however, should be reserved for the evening, and only if the event is social and not too formal.

Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen may be worn for the office under some circumstances, but should generally be reserved for casual wear. The disadvantage of these fabrics is that they crease easily, especially linen.

There are three lapel types; notched, peaked and shawl. Fashion dictates width and length, but their basic shape remains constant.

Notched Lapels

Notched lapels, the type a business suit has, are the best choice if you want your suit to be versatile.

Peaked Lapels

Peaked lapels are always appropriate on a tuxedo, but—depending on design, color and fabric—may be far too dressy for the office unless it’s a double-breasted jacket.

Shawl Lapels

Shawl lapels are only found on a white dinner jacket or tuxedo.

By the way, a tuxedo is an extravagant-looking ensemble that will make you appear overdressed and out of place if the occasion doesn’t call for it. Wear only if an invitation states “black tie”.

If you are to look and feel your very best when wearing a suit, it must be well-fitting. When trying on an off the rack suit, check for the following:

  • Armholes should allow free movement. Don’t purchase if they bind, since this is impossible for a tailor to fix.
  • Shoulder pads should be form-fitting and slope downwards. They should never extend beyond your natural shoulder width.
  • When you stand up, a quarter of an inch of the back of your shirt collar should be visible above your suit jacket.
  • When your hands are at your sides, your jacket sleeves should be short enough (but no shorter) to allow about half an inch of your shirt cuffs to show.
  • When buttoned up, the jacket should fit snugly around your middle without straining or accentuating bulges.
  • Jacket length should end at the tops of the legs at the back—the length is correct if you can grab the hem of the jacket when your hands are at your sides.
  • Your vest should be long enough to cover the waistband of your trousers.
  • Your trousers should be long enough to rest on your shoes—to what extent depends on the chosen “break” (see above under “Consider Your Body Type”).

Chances are that you won’t find an off the rack suit that fits as though it were made to measure. However, most menswear retailers have a tailoring service that can alter a suit in order that it fits perfectly.

A well-fitting, tastefully chosen suit can make a man appear authoritative, experienced and sophisticated, but only if it’s appropriately accessorized.

You may feel awkward, stiff and self-conscious the first time you wear a suit. If so, practice wearing it before the big event until you feel relaxed and confident.

As a matter of etiquette, never put your hands in your jacket pockets, and leave your jacket on throughout a formal event.

When to fasten and unfasten buttons is also a matter of etiquette rather than personal choice:

  • Never fasten the bottom button of your jacket.
  • Unfasten your jacket when sitting down.
  • Keep your vest buttons fastened at all times when wearing as part of a three-piece suit.

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Setting Powders Top 10 of 2016

Attributes of a Good Setting Powder

The Crème de la Crème of Setting Powders

Here is the Setting Powder Top 10 for 2016 (Click to Tweet):

1. NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder ($ 37)

2. Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder ($ 38)

3. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder ($ 35)

4. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil ($ 22)

5. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder ($ 35)

6. E.L.F. Studio High Definition Loose Face Powder ($ 6)

7. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder ($ 38)

8. M.A.C. Blot Powder ($ 26)

9. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder ($ 32)

10. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ($ 46)

#1 NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder

Now we will go over each setting powder in the Top 10 with a brief description and a list of the attributes each setting powder contains.

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder came out on top, having been listed in 8 different setting powder lists. NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, created with photochromic technology, adapts to available light and lasts all day.

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder:

  • Is colorless
  • Keeps makeup intact
  • Hides fine lines and wrinkles
  • Absorbs oils
  • Minimizes large pores
  • Illuminates your skin by optimizing light reflection
  • Provides a flawless appearance
  • May be used as a finishing powder
  • Looks good in photographs
  • Provides light coverage
  • Slightly matte finish
  • Evens skin tone
  • Light & smooth
  • Helps makeup wear longer

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder easily has the most attributes of any other setting powder in this Top 10 list, making it the best setting powder of 2016.

#2 Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

This product by Laura Mercier is very popular! The powder is very finely milled, making this setting powder super soft. Made with cashmere talc; it is oil-free and provides a natural appearance.

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder Is:

  • A translucent powder
  • Oil free
  • Super-fine/soft powder
  • Enhanced with Cashmere talc
  • Provides a naturally clean look
  • Stays on all day
  • Matte & shine free
  • Provides soft glow
  • Fragrance free
  • Will not cake
  • Will not dehydrate skin (not 100% silica)
  • Powder puff included
  • Packaged to minimize waste

#3 Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

Apply alone or over foundation. Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder contains mineral silica that keeps your skin moist. This makeup is available in only one shade, so it is a ‘one-tone-fits-all’ type of thing.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder:

  • Comes with a fine mesh sifter
  • Reduces shine
  • Blurs pores
  • Is long wearing
  • Lightens
  • Moisturizes
  • Illuminates
  • Provides an airbrush finish
  • Great for all skin types
  • Contains no preservatives (not sure if this is good or bad!)
  • 100% silica
  • Available in loose or pressed powder

#4 Bare Minerals Mineral Veil

A thin layer of Mineral Veil’s sheer powder is all you need for a flawless face! Bare Minerals came out solid as the 4th best setting powder you can buy. Absorbs excess oils, reduces fine lines, and gives you a clear complexion.

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil:

  • Is a high quality sheer powder
  • Use as a primer or setting powder
  • Keeps makeup from caking or smearing
  • Blurs fine lines & wrinkles
  • Absorbs oils
  • Requires a thin layer to be effective
  • Imparts glowing skin
  • Works well on oily skin
  • Noncomedogenic (will not clog pores)

#5 Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder is super light and provides a sheer veil over your makeup that keeps it intact all day.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder Is:

  • Airy & light
  • Soft & smooth
  • Provides a sheer veil over makeup
  • Keeps makeup fresh
  • Has excellent mattifying effects
  • Absorbs oils
  • Long lasting
  • Available loose or pressed

#6 E.L.F. Studio High Definition Loose Face Powder

It surprised me that E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face), an inexpensive newer makeup line, placed so well in this setting powder countdown! Good for them! E.L. F. cosmetics are proving themselves to be a worthy line to many consumers.

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Loose Face Powder:

  • Provides softer focus to the face
  • Great for most skin types
  • Blurs fine lines and imperfections
  • Provides radiant complexion
  • Apply over foundation
  • A very reliable setting powder
  • Includes powder puff
  • Smart packaging to minimize waste
  • Preserved with dehydroacetate (to avoid parabens)

#7 Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

Fans of Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finish Pressed Powder agree that it:

  • Evens skin tone
  • Blurs lines
  • Blends well
  • Provides a smooth, sheer finish (will not cake)
  • Provides flawless complexion
  • Provides a more ‘natural’ look
  • Provides a matte finish that lasts all day
  • Photographs well
  • Is available loose or pressed (compact)

#8 M.A.C. Blot Powder

M.A.C.’s Blot Powder came in at #8 in this list, and can be described as:

  • Light & sheer
  • Eliminates shine
  • Provides light coverage
  • May be reapplied throughout the day with good results
  • Will not cake
  • Is great for oily skin types
  • Touches up well in hot weather

#9 Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

Urban Decay’s smooth pressed powder absorbs oils that make your face shiny. Keeps makeup intact, and may be used by itself or as finishing/setting powder.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder:

  • Absorbs oils
  • Eliminates shine
  • Is long wearing
  • May be applied even after a workout

#10 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder has some unexpected qualities, such as:

  • Softens & diffuses light
  • Uses photo-luminescent technology
  • Filters bright light
  • Enhances complexion in the light
  • Gluten-free
  • Talc & fragrance free
  • Reduces redness
  • Provides a calm tone

That’s All For Now

So, there you have it — Setting Powders Top 10 of 2016.

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Here are a few videos I found on You Tube that I thought you might enjoy watching.

I watched them all and found them interesting and well done, so you will enjoy them, too.

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